Do You A Great Attitude For Customer Service & The Workplace? Here's a Quiz:

customer service begins with an outstanding attitudeCustomer service training is important, but all those skills need to be combined with a great attitude.  How is your attitude?  Here is a quick self-assessment we created.  (Apologies - It's manual at the moment, but we will soon have it set up as an automated form.)

There are ten questions/statements.  Pick the one which best describes you.

Here's How To Score It:

A = 10 points

B = 5 points

C= 0 points


The Attitude Quiz

1.  I often find myself dwelling on problems I'm facing

A Only on very, very rare occasions
B At least once a week
C Daily


2.  When you talk with coworkers, how often are you discussing negative things about your workplace?

A Very rarely
B Occasionally
C Daily


3.  How often do you laugh at work?

A Every day
B Maybe a few times a week
C Rarely - my job is very serious


4.  How many of your customers or coworkers are just plain stupid?

A None
B A few
C A lot


5.  Everyone has ‘good days’ and ‘bad days.’ How many ‘bad days’ do you have on average in a month?

A Usually none
B Three or four
C More than four


6.  Which describes you better?

A I hope for the best
B I don’t think that far ahead - I just deal with things as they come
C I always expect the worst - that way I’m pleasantly surprised when good things happen


7.  Have people ever suggested that you might be a little too intense?

A Never
B Every now and then
C Yes, but they just don’t understand how important things are


8.  I always look for things I can learn from problems I'm facing.

A Always
B Sometimes
C Problems aren't always learning opportunities


9.  I make a conscious effort to be a positive influence on those around me.

A Always
B Sometimes
C That's not my job


10. I will do whatever it takes to make my customers happy.

A Absolutely
B Sometimes
C I do my job.  It's not my fault if they aren't happy


The Attitude Quiz

91 - 100

Congratulations!   You have an amazing attitude. You are positive, you believe in yourself and are confident in your abilities. You are not too quick to judge those around you, because you yourself are always striving to improve. You have passion for what you do and the things you believe in. You are a success story in the making!



Not bad!   Your attitude could use a little tweaking though.   Begin by examining the degree to which you step up and take control of the things in your life.   Give the people around you the benefit of the doubt, and look for ways to increase your passion in your work and your life.   You’re close to a winning attitude.   A few adjustments, and you will begin to see significant improvements in every aspect of your life



Hmm. The news isn’t good, I’m afraid.   While you don’t stand out as someone with a “Bad Attitude,” you aren’t doing yourself any favours with the way you are looking at the world around you.   Take a good look inward.   Discover the things that you are good at - that inspire you. Take the time to identify those things that are truly important to you.   Use these to help you gain confidence.   Once you’ve done that, either find yourself a job you can be happy in, or find ways to be happy in the job you have.   You can find success, but it’s all up to you right now.



Oh dear.   One of two things have happened here.   Either you just filled in these answers as a joke, or you really, really need an attitude fix. Seriously, your attitude is lousy, and it is hurting any chance at success in life you might want.   The road to success will be a long journey for you – because you likely have some firmly held (but limiting) beliefs which are holding you back.   If you have the courage to begin some serious introspection, however, you will find the results to be no less than transformational.


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