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Customer Centricity for H.R. Learning Portal

Welcome to the learning portal!

This is the learning portal for the Bechtel Customer Centricity for HR training. This is where all of the reference materials from the training, assessments and other useful resources will be uploaded.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable, meaningful and memorable learning experience for you, so please, if you have any questions, comments, or if something appears to have gone sideways,  let us know!

You can contact us by telephone at: 1-613-836-3559, or by email at

Your instructors are Alice Strachan and Shaun Belding, and you can reach them at:



About the content

Content will be added to this course as it progresses. When the live training is completed, content will continue to be added to provide you with even more tools to succeed!

How to navigate this site

The course material, assessments and other funky things can be found:


In the left-had column, under “Course Content”


At the top of this page, under “Course Content”