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customer service training ROI

How Customer Service & Relentless Support Increased One Company’s Profitability By 40%

After the first full year of implementing a comprehensive customer service training and development initiative, this wireless retailer experienced improvement in the consistency of sales and service, and dramatic business results.

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customer service training ROI

How One Bank Beat The Recession By Focusing On Customer Experience

In 2008, the global banking industry was crippled by recession, marked by the failure of over 100 financial institutions in the US alone. This case study examines how a Credit Union used Customer Experience to not just survive, but flourish, during that time.

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customer service training ROI

How Customer Service Helped One Shopping Center Stand Out Against The Competition

Marketing a Shopping Center is a challenge at the best of times. to stand out. Traffic levels are traditionally dependent on the location of a center, and the selection of its retailers. It is hard to find a way to stand out in consumer’s minds.

But when new, aggressive competition is on the brink of becoming a reality, it is critical that a center find a competitive difference that will keep their consumers coming back.

This Case Study examines how one Shopping Center leveraged enhanced Customer Service retain their share of market and their customers’ loyalty.

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One of the most critical components for standing out in customer service is the the ability to recover from service failures, and deal with difficult people and situations.  2014 research by The Belding Group identified that seven-out-of-ten "Wow" customer experiences began with a service failure.

Talk Judo gives your team powerful skills for effective persuasion, and for turning negative situations into positive outcomes.    Find out more here.

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