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Customer Service Podcast with a Nice Guy!

customer service podcast shaun beldingI am very excited to be featured in the most recent customer service podcast with Nice Guy Doug Sandler!

Doug is the author of the awesome book: Nice Guys Finish First  (highly recommended!),  and is truly passionate about the power of positive relationships in every aspect of our lives.   It was an honour to be invited as a guest in his popular podcast series.

You can find the customer service podcast by following this link.

The World of Customer Service Has Changed

When I began my journey into the world of customer service training, consulting and measurement 25 years ago, things were quite different.  Customer service was perceived by most organizations as a ‘nice-to-have,’ not a ‘need-to-have.’   For most companies, it certainly didn’t warrant any significant expenditure in employee development.  It was a discretionary  expense item on the financial report.

Times have changed.  Customer Experience (CX) – the umbrella term that encompasses Policies, Processes, Practices and People – is now the single greatest focus of organizations.  The link to customer experience and profitability is no longer in question.  Companies who haven’t focused on CX over the last five years are seeing the consequences

People Are The Key

Customer service, the ‘People’ component of CX is now recognized as the primary driver of WOW experiences.  While more customer-centric policies, processes and practices make it easier and more pleasant for customers to deal with us, it is customer service that creates both loyalty and word of mouth.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about doing the Podcast was that Doug has a clear and passionate vision of what it takes to create amazing experiences.  The more organizations can embrace that level of passion, the more successful they will be!

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Internal customer service training

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