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A Story About Outstanding Customer Service

Shaun Belding's Famous Story of Luanne & The Waffle House

Watch this heartwarming customer service keynote address from Halifax Nova Scotia.  A customer service story of a remarkable hostess in an Orlando, Florida Waffle House.

The Four Myths of Customer Service

The Science of WOW Customer Service - Part 3

This is the third of six customer service videos from Shaun Belding's customer service keynote presentation "The Science of WOW."  This five minute segment examines four myths about customer service that can might be negatively impacting your customer service initiatives.

Customer Service is Everywhere

The Science of WOW Customer Service - Part 1

This is the first of six customer service videos from Shaun Belding's customer service keynote presentation "The Science of WOW."  This five minute segment includes a story about a woman who works at a toll-booth at The Beltway in Houston, Texas.  It illustrates that outstanding customer service can be delivered in any situation.

Being Good at Customer Service Isn't Good Enough Any More

The Science of WOW Customer Service - Part 2

Customer service and customer experience has improved dramatically over the last decade.  So why doesn't it feel like it?   In this video, customer service keynote speaker Shaun Belding shows that, despite the improvements in customer experiences, the expectations that customers have of us have increased even more.

The Truth About Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Isn't Dead - We Just Don't Understand It

In this insightful customer service keynote from Tampa Bay Florida, Shaun Belding shows us the real reasons that customers aren't loyal, and what we can do to change things.


Meet Shaun Belding: Customer Service Expert & Speaker

Shaun Belding is a customer service expert who speaks and trains on customer service and leadership


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Customer Service Training

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Belding Training has designed and delivered training in customer service for over 24 years.  We have worked internationally with a broad spectrum of clients in corporate, retail, service, call center and public sector organizations.    There is a good chance we have even worked in your industry.

We have extensive customer service training expertise with clients in:

11 Rules For An Outstanding Customer Service Training Program

What does it take to create a program that engages your employees, delights your customers and creates real change in the workplace? 

See the 11 rules that Belding follows to create our award-winning programs.

8 Must-Haves When Training for Customer Service

What should a customer service workshop look like? Whether you are developing the program internally for your company, or contracting an outside training company to build and deliver it, here are the eight must-haves to make it successful

Talk Judo Training

Talk Judo - How To Influence People And Deal With Difficult Situations

One of the most critical components for standing out in customer service is the the ability to recover from service failures, and deal with difficult people and situations.  2014 research by The Belding Group identified that seven-out-of-ten "Wow" customer experiences began with a service failure.

Talk Judo gives your team powerful skills for effective persuasion, and for turning negative situations into positive outcomes.    Find out more here.

Leadership Training That Supports Customer Service

Countless studies demonstrate the payoff of a highly engaged workforce.  This dynamic leadership workshop transfers core skills for engaging and motivating employees turning negative situations into positive outcomes.    Find out more here.

Creating A Customer-Focused Culture

This high-level workshop introduces the proven principles of creating a culture that creates consistently high customer experiences. The results? Greater customer satisfaction and greater employee retention.  Find out more here.

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