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customer service training testimonialsWe've been delivering customer service and leadership training now for over 20 years.  We gauge our success, however, not on our longevity, but on how happy our clients are.  We are, after all, in the customer service business.  So it only makes sense that delighting our customers is our primary focus.  Here are just some of the thousands of comments we've received from our clients and workshop participants:


"The Customer Service Training program that the Belding Group developed and designed is outstanding and our organization has benefited tremendously. They are a world class organization that not only met but exceeded out expectations. I would highly recommend The Belding Group to any organization."
Lifestyle Family Fitness (USA)

“This is the best training we have ever had."
Cable Bahamas (Bahamas)

“The beauty of your World Class Customer Service training programme lay not only in its simplicity, but by its delivery as well. You have succeeded in motivating the staff. This could only have been done by someone who understands people, their fears and their joys. Although the primary aim of the programme was to raise performance (sales were up 24.5%), it also succeeded in making people feel good about themselves!"
Timberland (South Africa)

“I am now more confident to coach and know how to handle problematic people at my work place. It does definitely will make me a better leader."
Air Asia (Malaysia)

“This is a great program . . . it should be given to anyone in the management field. It's very informative and gives you great tools to work with."
TSC Stores (Canada)

“I enjoyed working with the Belding Group from beginning to end."
Noritake (USA)

“It was a great experience being part of the Belding training. It changed my daily attitude about work, life and people"
MoldCell (Moldova)

“We could not have found a more appropriate, professional, knowledgeable or relevant organization to work with. Many thanks!"
Gymnastics Ontario (Canada)

“I am so pleased that I was able to learn so much from your wonderful presentation and able to retain all the valuable information! I have taken this learning experience to enhance and validate my own beliefs in my professional and personal lives."
D+H Group (Canada)

“I will definitely apply all the information & knowledge that I’ve learnt from this training. The training was brilliant  and really gave a full explanation on how to use social media to boost up customer services."
Permodalan Nasional (Malaysia)

“What a great experience! If this doesn't impact our business, I'm not sure what would. Thanks for your dedication to the process."
Constellation Brands (Canada)

“The presentation gave me insight to what I didn't know about other peer - coworkers. I learned to value their contribution even more. I always thought the term 'team-work' was overrated. I changed my mind today."
BP Energy (USA)

“I thought to myself: 'no way can he keep my attention for a full day.'  Looks like I was wrong!"
Cooperators General Insurance (Canada)

“Even topics that I thought I understood were presented in a new light. Customer service skills that I already use, but didn't know how or why, were better explained, giving me the chance to build on them."
Duca Financial (Canada)

"These leadership skills have helped our Managers to really rise to the challenges they face."
Telikom PNG (Papua New Guinea)

“A wonderful program! The instructor was absolutely delightful, he kept it positive and upbeat the entire time. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!"
Northgate Shopping Center (Canada)

“You have no idea how much we enjoy the training. I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of everybody who attended it up till now. The whole office is raving about you guys. This morning one of our colleges who didn't have the experience yet, asked us if you gave us some happy drugs . We were the second group who came so excited and full of energy and so positive. You have done a wonderful job."
Technical Standards & Safety Authority (Canada)

“Remarkable! Excellent! One of the best trainings I have ever attended."
Marine Corps Community Services (Japan)

“Anyone involved in customer service should go through this presentation. We often miss how to turn negatives into positives. This gives us the tools! Thanks!"
Cadillac Fairview Corporation (Canada)

“They have a real talent for delivering this very important training to anyone who has customers."
The RAND Corporation (USA)

“You brought my staff back from the dead."
Metro Toronto Convention Center (Canada)

“The high energy of the Belding program completely captured and held our interest."
American Express Travel Services (Canada)

"It really open my eyes in order to be a good leader/manager. He explained in details about coaching and improving individual performance and observing staff performance and behaviors."
Osram Opto Semiconductors (Malaysia)

“In speaking with those in attendance, the consensus is that this was the best conference ever. This is due, in no small part, to your fantastic program"
Office of the Fire Marshall (Canada)

“The feedback I got from the audience was great. I got comments like, 'I think this was the best I have ever been to!' Most importantly, we had fun."
CPSA (Canada)

“Shaun Belding is simply the best at what he does. He and his company continue to make a significant and measurable difference to our success."
Grand & Toy (Canada)

"We've had great feedback from the sessions and have already seen it being put to use!"
BP Energy (USA)

"Absolutely excellent!"
Government of St. Maarten (Sint Maarten)

“I didn't expect to learn about my own communication issues in this. It was a learning experience that I really appreciate.”
Astrazeneca (Canada)

“Beyond the significant improvement in key metrics, Belding’s dedication to our success has made a huge difference. They actually practice what they preach. Transforming the behaviors of your business is tough work and working with Belding can greatly improve your customer interactions at all levels."
Worldlynx Wireless (Canada)

"The training for my team was so very specially geared to our daily, real life work that it would be impossible to not take valuable, usable information from it"
Baldor Electric (USA)

"Belding has taken a holistic, continuous learning approach to raise the level of customer service and guest satisfaction at Ontario wineries. Wineries of all sizes have embraced the program and we are seeing great results."
Wine Country Ontario (Canada)

“In all the training I have been in, none can compare to the Belding Training. Informative, Inspiring and a whole lot of fun too!”
Cable Bahamas (Bahamas)

“This course was amazing. I can use what I have learned not only in my business, but in my personal life, as well as dealing with difficult people, family, friends, customers, management and bosses.”
BP Energy (USA)

“I had a really fun time. I enjoyed being able to participate, and had a lot of good laughs along the way. It inspired me to keep trying to make a difference.”
Cadillac Fairview (Canada)

"This session was very engaging and insightful. It will help my team to improve and give a second thought to their relationships with customers”
Abbott (Canada)

“Honestly the best training I have ever attended, with a set of tips that I will be able to implement now in my daily activities. Thank you!”
The RAND Corporation (USA)

“The course is fantastic! They had our attention from beginning to end. Bravo!"
EXFO (Canada)

“This was great training – just what we needed to get us to the next level of customer service.”
Franklin University (USA)

“This training has made us take a hard look at how we sometimes explain tasks ineffectively, and I will now modify how I do things so that we are all on the same page.”
Westin Hotels (Canada)

“The 2 days intensive workshop far exceeded our expectations in terms of both content and delivery"
Amway (Malaysia)


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