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Internal Customer Service Workshop

Foundational: For all employees

Training to improve internal customer service

Create a More Productive & Enjoyable Workplace

Belding’s Foundational workshops for Internal Customer Service shows your team the importance of independent thought and taking ownership over situations, while at the same time ensuring that they are being respectful and supportive of their coworkers.  It gives them the skills for contributing to a positive, productive, forward-moving environment.

Who This Training Is For:

  • Cross-functional teams
  • Individual departments
  • All levels of employees and managers
  • All experience levels

Companies that are experiencing:

  • Rapid growth or change
  • Merger or acquisitions
  • Employee turnover or growth
  • Internal or external communication challenges

About This Internal Customer Service Workshop

NOTE: Your course content will be adjusted to align with your exact needs

This training is not generic. Want to tweak the content? That’s great! We will make sure that your training is aligned with the outcomes you are looking for, and will  resonate with everyone.  The content identified below is just the beginning!

Course Details

Live training:  In-person or Virtual


1-day workshop. One trainer.


Five, 90-minute modules conducted one week apart. (See our research on virtual training practices) . Two trainers.

The Internal Customer Service course can be combined with our Internal Customer Service workshops focused on Alignment or Conflict Resolution to created a powerful 2-day or 10-week program.

Fully Customized
This workshop is fully customized to your specific organization, your learning objectives and the roles of participants.

8-22 Participants
This leadership workshop is most effective with 8-18 participants. (22 for in-person)

Three-Month Reinforcement
This Internal Customer Service workshop includes comprehensive email, video and other reinforcement to help participants achieve success with their new skills.

Customized Learning Portal
Your company will have a fully customized learning portal for participants to access course materials, slides,

Course Content

The detailed content for this course will be determined following a learning needs assessment by Belding Training.  This is an essential component to ensuring that the training has the greatest possible impact.

The following is an example of core skills and concepts introduced:

  • The core of internal customer service (research)
  • language skills that improve collaboration and internal relationships
  • How to communicate information and concepts with greater clarity, completeness and effectiveness
  • How to interact with greater empathy and patience
  • How to focus on the success of colleagues and the organization
  • How to proactively contribute to a positive workplace environment

Group Assignments

In the virtual Internal Customer Service training, participants will have simple individual and group assignments between modules to help them practice and internalize skills.

Interactive, Exercise-Based Learning
This training program leverages exercises, self-evaluations and high-levels of interaction to engage participants and create strong retention of skills and concepts.

Per Group:  $3,800

  • Pricing does not include travel-related expenses for trainers
  • For multiple-group or company-wide pricing, contact Belding Training


Recommended Additional Elements:

Voice Mastery e-learning module, per person:  $95

The Journey to WOW  softcover:  $20

Per Group:  $3,800

  • For multiple-group or company-wide pricing, contact Belding Training


Recommended Additional Elements:

Voice Mastery e-learning module, per person:  $95

The Journey to WOW  softcover:  $20