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Executive Leadership Training

Leadership Success Begins With a Strong Foundation

When people get promoted to their first management position – or get promoted to a new level of management, they need to be set up for success. The skill sets that earned them the promotion can be quite different than the ones they will need for future success as a leader. Belding’s Foundational Leadership training gives leaders the core concepts, skills and attitudes that comprise the framework for success at every level.

The outcomes of this leadership training workshop

This leadership development program introduces the framework for leading people, and managing projects and operations. Because the core skills and principles are foundational to all leadership activity, this workshop benefits leaders of all levels, but is essential for:

  • First-time managers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers-in-training
  • Line managers
  • Team leaders
  • Shift supervisors

The outcomes of this leadership training workshop

The Foundational Leadership training program will help your leaders:

  • Have greater confidence
  • Transition from peer to boss
  • Understand their role
  • Engage their team
  • Earn the respect of their team
  • Create positive results for the company
Course Details

One-day Workshop
This is a 1-day workshop. It can be combined with the Performance Leadership workshop to created a powerful 2-day leadership program.

Fully Customized
This workshop is fully customized to your specific organization and the roles of your leaders.

8-16 Participants
This leadership workshop is most effective with 8-16 participants. 

Three-Month Reinforcement
As with all of Belding’s training programs, this leadership development workshop includes comprehensive reinforcement to help participants achieve success with their new skills.

Course Content

The detailed content for this leadership course will be determined following a learning needs assessment.  We do this customization to ensure that the training has the greatest possible impact.

The following is an overview of the root skills and concepts introduced:

  1. The role of a leader
  2. The impact a leader has on an organization
  3. The leadership mindset
  4. The 7 Pillars of Leadership
  5. Turning a bunch of people into a team
  6. Taking ownership over results

Interactive, exercise-based learning

This training program leverages exercises, self-evaluations and interaction to engage participants and create strong retention of skills and concepts.

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The Seven Pillars of Leadership

7 Pillars of Leadership

The Seven Pillars of Leadership are the core qualities that define effective leaders.  These are the foundation for developing Belding’s leadership development programs.