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Performance Leadership Training

Engage, Motivate and Get Results

There is a science to creating a motivated and engaged workplace. Belding’s popular Performance Leadership Training program gives managers the tools to transform their role from traditional command-and-control to a more productive Ownership, Support and Purpose model. They learn how to get amazing business results by focusing on the success and development of their team.

Training for a better way to lead

a leadership position is meaningless unless your managers also have a leadership disposition. Leading people in today’s workforce requires the skills and mindset to challenge, inspire and help employees succeed. The Performance Leadership training program is based on the science behind unshakeable employee loyalty and consistently high performance levels.

Training for a better way to coach

Coaching to improve performance levels has been around for a long time. The traditional methodologies used for coaching, however, are often ineffective.  When not executed well, they can actually be counterproductive – increasing stress, decreasing loyalty and negatively impacting performance. 

The Performance Leadership training program introduces an intuitive, energizing coaching methodology that achieves dramatic and measurable results. Here’s just one case study.

Who the Performance Leadership training is for

This workshop is for managers whose teams are directly or indirectly in front-line roles.  The workshop focuses on:

  • Customer service managers & supervisors
  • Sales managers
  • Department managers
  • Team leaders
  • Line managers

The outcomes of this leadership training workshop

The Performance Leadership training program will help managers:

  • Positively engage teams
  • Enhance employee morale
  • Measurably improve productivity
  • Take greater ownership over results
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Reduce turnover of valuable team members
Course Details

One-day Workshop
This is a 1-day workshop. It can be combined with the Foundational Leadership workshop to created a powerful 2-day leadership program.

Fully Customized
This workshop is fully customized to your specific organization and the roles of your leaders.

8-16 Participants
This leadership workshop is most effective with 8-16 participants. 

Three-Month Reinforcement
As with all of Belding’s training programs, this leadership development workshop includes comprehensive reinforcement to help participants achieve success with their new skills.

Course Content

The detailed content for this leadership course will be determined following a learning needs assessment.  We do this customization to ensure that the training has the greatest possible impact.

The following is an overview of the root skills and concepts introduced:

  1. Performance leadership self-assessment
  2. The Ownership, Support & Purpose model
  3. Employee engagement through D.A.R.T.
  4. Creating collaborative, non-negotiable standards
  5. The Relentless Support coaching methodology (and case-study)
  6. Replacing traditional feedback with feed-forward
  7. Achieving results through agility and persistence

Interactive, exercise-based learning

This training program leverages exercises, self-evaluations and interaction to engage participants and create strong retention of skills and concepts.

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