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Tactical Leadership Training

Planning, Resilience, Agility

This workshop introduces the principles of problem solving, root cause analysis and situation diagnostics. It explores the most effective ways to identify and deploy resources to achieve results.

Who the Tactical leadership training is for

The Tactical leadership development workshop  is for leaders who are responsible for achieving business targets, and for directing teams and resources, i.e.:

  • divisional and regional managers
  • Operations managers
  • Department heads
  • Brand managers

The outcomes of this workshop

The Tactical Leadership training program will help your leaders:

  • Anticipate
  • Build strong relationships
  • Diagnose and solve problems
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Nurture strong collaborative teams
Course Details

Two-day Workshop
This is a 2-day workshop.

Fully Customized
This workshop is fully customized to your specific organization and the roles of your leaders.

8-16 Participants
This leadership workshop is most effective with 8-16 participants. 

Three-Month Reinforcement
As with all of Belding’s training programs, this leadership development workshop includes comprehensive reinforcement to help participants achieve success with their new skills.

Course Content

The detailed content for this leadership course will be determined following a learning needs assessment.  We do this customization to ensure that the training has the greatest possible impact.

The following is an overview of the skills and concepts introduced:

  1. Planning and B-planning
  2. Workflow analysis
  3. Root-cause analysis
  4. Persuasion and influence
  5. Setting and tracking milestones
  6. Action, resilience and agility

Interactive, exercise-based learning

This training program leverages exercises and case-studies to engage participants and create strong retention of skills and concepts.

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