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In the News: Two Great Examples of Customer Service

It’s not often that we get two great examples of customer service in one week, but these ones should put a smile on your face!

Great examples of customer service

Burger King Employees Let Customer Know They Care

When one of their regular customers stopped coming in, the employees of a Venice, Florida Burger King got concerned.  They asked his companions where he was, and was told that he had to stop his morning routine because of an illness.  The next step was a get-well card for their ailing customer, signed by all of the restaurant employees.  See the story here.

When asked about it, one of the staff said, “I knew his order by heart – the sausage biscuit with a senior drink. He’d always sit there and talk to us about the most random stuff. Such a sweet man.”  She said they all wanted him to know that they were thinking of him.  Needless to say, they brightened the day of the customer and his family.

The lesson:  Customer service begins with genuinely caring about customers

So, A Bear Walks Into A Liquor Store…

When a customer walked into Crazy Bruce’s Discount Liquors in Bristol Connecticut, he probably wasn’t expecting to meet up a bear.  Fortunately, a quick-thinking assistant manager was able to pull the customer to safety and lock the door.  See the video here.

The lesson: Always look for ways to improve your customers’ experience

These are two great examples of customer service – and a reminder that it’s the little things that make a big difference.


Shaun Belding

CEO, The Belding Group of Companies
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Author of The Journey to WOW: the path to outstanding customer experience and loyalty

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