Dermalogica Outstanding Customer Service Skills Retention Assessment

One More Step To Get Your Certificate!

You are almost done!  Just one more step to get your Belding Training Outstanding Customer Service certificate.

This is a short assessment on some of the core concepts of the course. When you complete it with a score of 80% or higher, a certificate of completion from Belding Training will be sent to you via email within one week.

Retakes are Okay

If you didn’t quite hit the 80% mark on the first try – no worries. You can retake this assessment up to 2 more times.  You can take advantage of the material you have – even ask a colleague. The purpose of this isn’t really to “test” you – it is to give you an opportunity to reflect on these very important customer service concepts one more time.

Questions? Let us know!

If something isn’t working – please let us know! Your trainer will make sure that things get sorted out.  You can reach us here:


Phone: 1-(613) 836-3559