Trust-Based Service: Final Assessment

Trust-Based Service

This is it!

 This assessment has 15 questions to test your memory of the things we covered.The threshold for successfully completing this assessment is 80%.

A Few Answers to Possible Questions

Question 1: Eek, what if I don’t get 80%?

Answer: No worries! You can take re-take this assessment with no penalty

Question 2: What if one of the ‘right’ answers don’t make sense to me?

Answer: Let us know! Either we didn’t explain it very well, or we made a goof somewhere else.

Question 3: How will I get my certificate? 

Answer: Once all of the results have been tabulated, sorted, verified, audited, washed and tumble-dried, we will notify you of your success. The certificates will be winging their way shortly thereafter for distribution.

Question 4: What if I have technical challenges with this assessment?

Answer: Let Shaun know and he’ll get someone on it right away!

Good Luck!