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Resilience Training for Leaders

How to Lead Teams Through Stress, Adversity and Change

Live, Remote Training on Resilience for Leaders and Managers

Every organization deals with change. Sometimes it’s the positive change that comes from rapid growth. Sometimes it’s change created from unexpected adversity and challenges.  To navigate an organization and its people through change, leaders need to be resilient, and have the skill to inspire confidence and resilience in those around them. Leadership is critical.

Live Training on Resilience in a Virtual Format

The most effective format for training on resilience is a live, classroom environment. When that’s not practical, however, live remote training is the next best option.

Resilience Training for Leaders is a powerful series of live, remote workshops. They are delivered in interactive, one-hour segments to minimize disruption and maximize retention of critical skills and concepts. The content will equip your leaders with the skills and mindset to lead teams through change and stressful situations. The ongoing support structure will give them both live and virtual resources to succeed.

The result is greater confidence, a more positive workplace and forward motion for the organization.

Live virtual leadership training with Zoom

Remote Resiliency Workshop Details

  • 4, 1-hour live, virtual training workshops (Zoom) over 3 weeks
  • Highly interactive format
  • Up to 12 participants per class
  • Weekly follow-up reinforcement for 8 weeks
  • One-on-one on-demand support for one month

Participants will learn

  • How to develop internal resilience
  • How to help employees become more resilient in difficult times
  • How to help teams embrace change
  • How to create an innovative, ‘plan b’ response culture
  • 8 things they can do with their teams right now to create a culture of resilience
  • How to galvanize teams and create positive forward motion

Who This Virtual Resilience Training is For

  • Senior managers
  • Regional, district managers
  • Department managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders

Contact Belding Training to Learn More

Resilience Training for Leaders is run only by Belding’s most senior consultant/trainers, and is customized to your organization. To learn more, please contact us at or 1-613-836-3559

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What is Resilience?

building resilient teams

The Mayo Clinic defines resilience as the “ability to adapt well and recover quickly after stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy.” A resilient workplace is one in which, under those conditions, all individuals feel safe, and respond collaboratively, positively and productively.

Resilience Training for Employees

Belding has also developed a powerful new live, remote resiliency training program for employees. 

Learn more about it here.

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