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Level 1:  Dealing With Challenging People And Difficult Situations

6 Pillars of Customer Service


The ability to deal with difficult situations and people are critical for customer service, leadership and working in a team.  The research tells us that over 70% of WOW experiences that internal and external customers have began as a service failure.  This program introduces the principles of Talk Judo, and takes your team through eight core techniques that will give them the skill and confidence for most difficult situations.  The outcomes of the Level 1workshop include:

  • Greater confidence in difficult situations
  • Less conflict escalating to confrontation
  • Knowing when (and how) to say no without escalating situations
  • Greater customer satisfaction in difficult circumstances.

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“Anyone involved in customer service should go through this presentation. We often miss how to turn negatives into positives. This gives us the tools! Thanks!” Cadillac Fairview Corporation

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One of the most critical components for standing out in customer service is the the ability to recover from service failures, and deal with difficult people and situations.  2014 research by The Belding Group identified that seven-out-of-ten "Wow" customer experiences began with a service failure.

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