The Belding Leadership Team

The Belding Group is recognized as a global leader in customer service, leadership and workplace performance training, consulting and measurement.  Here is the team who is leading the way:

Margo Ratcliffe

Margo Ratcliffe - Director of Operations, Belding Training

Margo Ratcliffe is responsible for all program design and development.  She also leads, trains and directs our incredible certified training team. 

Margo is a subject matter expert on customer service and customer experience, and the strategic disciplines for creating customer-focused cultures.  Over the last decade, she has applied her analysis and instructional design skills to projects spanning a broad cross-section of industries.  She has played a significant role in shaping The Belding Group's global reputation as a leader in customer service training, consulting and measurement.


Helene Harrison

Helene Harrison - Director of Operations, RetailTrack Mystery Shopping

Helene Harrison runs The Belding Group's RetailTrack operations in the U.S. and Canada.  She oversees an amazing team that delivers world-class mystery shopping, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and Voice-Of-The Customer for our clients.

Helene's strategic influence plays a huge role in ensuring our clients have relevant actionable data that helps them truly stand out.  Her years of experience in the industry, and her innate ability to find creative solutions has made her an invaluable resource for all of our clients.


Nina Salazar

Nina Salazar - Director of Customer Experience

Nina Salazar is involved in all projects, from the conceptual stage to the post-training stage.  She is responsible for making sure there is a clear link between the training, coaching and consulting we deliver, and sustainable, positive outcomes for you and your organization. 

Similarly, with our RetailTrack division, Nina helps turn our clients' mystery shopping and customer satisfaction data into valuable, actionable strategies.  (And, as if she didn't have enough to do, Nina is also actively involved in our marketing.)


Leanne Vance

Leanne Vance - Senior Project Manager, RetailTrack Mystery Shopping

Leanne Vance makes things happen.  She coordinates our quality control team, designs training for mystery shoppers, leads system implentation and ensures that our projects run smoothly.

One of the most efficient people on the planet, Leanne is continually focused on finding ways to make us better in the way we do business.


Shaun Belding

Shaun Belding - CEO, The Belding Group

Shaun is involved at a strategic planning level with all of our clients.  He is the founder of The Belding Group, and is recognized as a leading global expert on customer service, service recovery, employee performance and building positive workplaces.

Shaun is author of five books, published internationally in 12 languages.   He speaks extensively on the topics, and has appeared on Good Morning America, BBC, CBC, CTV; and been quoted in Reader’s Digest, The New York Times and London Daily Times.

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The Industries We Work With

As a customer service training company and leadership training company for over 23 years, Belding has worked with a broad spectrum of corporate, retail, service, call center and public sector organizations.    There is a good chance we have even worked in your industry.

Industries in which we have a particular training expertise include:

  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Financial
  • Fitness
  • Retail
  • Contact Centres


Belding Training has delivered Outstanding Customer Service and Leadership training in:

  • U.S.A
  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Republic of Moldova
  • South Africa
  • South Pacific
  • Thailand
  • U.K.

Belding Training is a division of The Belding Group of Companies Inc.

To learn more about how we can help your organization Stand Out in customer service, leadership and workplace performance, contact us at 1-613-836-3559;

Our global head office is in Ottawa, Canada

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