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Customer Service Training Programs for Health Care

Customer service training is critical for health care professionals and organizations

Health care is, ultimately, about people serving people. There are no other fields that require such a high level of interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, technical skills and resilience. Whether your team is customer/patient facing, or behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly, their ability to deliver superior internal customer service and external customer service is critical .

Your people are the face and soul of your organization

Your customers are looking for people who are knowledgeable, who are proactive, and who genuinely care about their customers’ best interests. They are looking for an organization they can trust. Your team needs to continually and consistently send that message. Those are the skills that customer service training brings.

Our customer service training courses for health care organizations gives your team the tools they need to succeed in a demanding work environment. We show them how to deal with stress and emotional exhaustion. They learn strategies for achieving more positive outcomes from difficult situations. They will explore evidence-based positive language skills, and learn words and phrases that create negative triggers.

Is Training for Internal Customer Service as important as External Customer Service?


The better your internal communication and the more aligned your teams are, the less friction there is in your delivery to your end customer.

Internal customer service training creates empathy and a culture of collaboration. It opens pathways for a more enjoyable and productive environment. It doesn’t just improve individual skills. The concepts and expectations become part of your culture. A strong culture is the best defense against high turnover.

To quote the late Zig Ziglar, “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.”

Belding is the global leader

Belding has been designing and delivering customer service training programs for health care environments for over 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The CX Trust Triad for Call Centers

Customers want employees that:

  • Care about their best interests
  • Are highly competent
  • Take ownership over customers’ success


This is why customer service training for health care professionals and organizations is so important to their success