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Training for Workplace & Culture

Creating better relationships

Training to improve workplace culture

Training for Workplace & Culture

Creating Better Relationships

Training to Enhance Workplace Cultures

Everyone wants a safe and enjoyable workplace where they feel like a valued part of an organization that cares. To achieve this, you need an environment that stimulates thought, creativity, cooperation, respect and productivity.

Belding’s Workplace & Culture training programs will give your people the skills and mindsets for consistently contributing to a workplace they can be proud of. They will learn how to build positive internal relationships. They will examine positive behaviours and mindsets, and those that are counterproductive to success.

Your Culture is Different. Your Training Should Reflect it.

Training is an essential element to ensuring everyone in your workplace is aligned and contributing to the culture you are trying to create. But every workplace is different. The challenges, roadblocks and speedbumps to shaping and maintaining your ideal corporate culture is unique.

Off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter training can’t achieve this. That’s why Belding Training works with you to customize each program so that it instantly resonates with your people, and targets the exact outcomes you are seeking.

Workplace diversity

On-site, Live-Online and E-learning

Select the courses you want for your team, and let us know if you prefer a trainer coming to you for a live session, or a virtual classroom. See the difference between the options. We also have select customer service courses in a self-directed e-learning format.

Workplace Culture Courses

Company-wide initiatives

We’ve been designing and delivering training for the workplace for over 30 years. We have worked with companies in a broad cross-section of industries. If you are looking for a fully customized training program aligned with the specific needs of a single department, or a large-scale program for entire company, contact us to learn more.

Included with Every Course:

Training reinforcement
Customized 4-8 week reinforcement
Customized Company Learning Portal
Course Certificates

"A Huge Success!"

“The beauty of the Belding training program lay not only in its simplicity, but by its delivery as well. You have succeeded in motivating the staff. This could only have been done by someone who understands people, their fears and their joys. Although the primary aim of the programme was to raise performance, it also succeeded in making people feel good about themselves!”

– Timberland

Some Customer Service Training Insights