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Internal Customer Service Training

For an Outstanding Workplace Culture

Training for internal customer service

Internal Customer Service Training

For an Outstanding Workplace Culture

Communication. Collaboration. Culture.

Training for internal customer service is an essential component to creating an outstanding workplace culture. It is often neglected, however, and this can cause critical breakdowns in the entire internal customer experience. Sustainable, high-performing cultures can only be achieved when you have teams of people who understand internal customer relationships, and work independently and interdependently toward a common goal.

Internal Customer Service Training
Designed for Your Workplace

These courses are not generic. Your workplace is unique – your teams, your environment, and the specific challenges they face. We will make sure that your Internal Customer Training program resonates with everyone.  The courses listed below are just the beginning!

Training course options

Internal Customer Service

Internal customer service training - foundational level
Internal Customer Service - Foundational
Internal customer service workshop for workplace culture
Internal Customer Service for Workplace Culture
Internal customer service for alignment
Internal Customer Service for Alignment

Company-wide initiatives

Belding Training is proud to be a global leader in training for internal customer service. We have been designing and delivering programs for over thirty years, with a broad cross-section of industries.

If you are looking for a fully customized training program aligned with the specific needs of a single department, or a large-scale program for entire company, contact us to learn more.

On-site, Live-Online and E-learning

Select the courses you want for your team, and let us know if you prefer a trainer coming to you for a live session, or a virtual classroom. See the difference between the options. We also have select customer service courses in a self-directed e-learning format.

Included with Every Course:

Training reinforcement
Customized 4-8 week reinforcement
Customized Company Learning Portal
Course Certificates

"Full of Energy and So Positive!"

“You have no idea how much we enjoyed the internal customer service training. I’m sure I’m speaking on behalf of everybody who attended it up till now. The whole office is raving about you guys. This morning one of our colleges who didn’t have the experience yet, asked us if you gave us some happy drugs . We were the second group who came so excited and full of energy and so positive. You have done a wonderful job.”

– Technical Standards & Safety Authority

These six pillars are the foundation of our external and internal customer service course content.

Some Internal Customer Service Insights