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Belding Training provides industry-leading training to help improve customer service, leadership and workplace cultures. We work with organizations around the world in a broad cross-section of industries.

A Little History

Belding Training began in 1991 as The Consortium, a training and consulting company focused on retail sales and customer service in Canada. Shaun Belding was the managing partner. The company quickly developed a reputation for its entertaining delivery and highly effective content.

In 1997, Belding Skills Development Corporation was formed. The market was expanded to include all business sectors, and the training focus was widened to encompass a broad cross-section of customer service, leadership and productivity skills. At the same time, Shaun launched a mystery shopping company, RetailTrack, to provide performance data to Canadian retailers

In 1999, with the launch and ensuing popularity of Shaun’s first book, Dealing with the Customer from Hell, the company pioneered one of the first comprehensive training programs on service recovery and dealing with difficult situations.

In 2005, with Customer Experience becoming increasingly critical to organizational success, the Belding Group of Companies was formed. RetailTrack was brought under the Belding Group banner, and the company expanded its operations globally. 

A consulting division was launched on year later, leveraging the rapidly growing expertise within the company on measuring and improving customer experience.

Throughout the 2010’s, the Belding Group’s success story and reputation continued to grow. It won the WOW award from the Institute for Performance and Learning (formerly CSTD).  Its work was also awarded an ICSC Maxi award for Cadillac Fairview Corporation.  Companies that had the ability to quantify the impact of training tracked profound improvements in every metric. One wireless company identified an improvement in gross margins by over 40%. Retailers were reporting sales improvements of over 25%. Call center customer service departments were reducing call-times and escalations by almost 10%.

In 2016, The Belding Group made the strategic decision to narrow its focus and expand its expertise in training and consulting in four core areas:  Customer Experience, Service Recovery, Leadership and Workplace Culture. RetailTrack was sold to Ottawa-based Intouch Insight, and The Belding Group invested heavily in enhancements to its training and consulting programs.