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Dealing with Difficult Customers & Situations

Outstanding Service Recovery Training

Training for difficult customer situations

Dealing with Difficult Customer and Situations

Service Recovery Training

Training for turning difficult customer situations into positive outcomes

Your Team Needs Service Recovery Skills

The need for training to help deal with difficult customers and situations has never been greater. Customers have higher expectations than ever before, and studies are showing consumer patience at an all-time low. And, whether it is a difficult customer or a difficult situation, customers have the ability and the willingness to express negative opinions about your brand to a broad audience with the push of a button.

Skills to Deal with Difficult Customers and Situations
has an Immediate Impact

Every organization has service failures. Difficult situations, and the occasional difficult customer are inevitable. What happens next, however, is absolutely in your control. A customer service representative who is skilled and trained in service recovery can have a huge positive impact on your business and brand.

Not only can one trained individual prevent a potential viral social media disaster, but they can quite literally turn your most frustrated customer into your biggest advocate. In fact, a 2016 study by The Belding Group revealed that 71.5% of Wow customer experiences begin as a service failure.

Training for dealing with difficult customers and service failures:

  • reduces customer defection
  • increases customer loyalty
  • creates positive word-of-mouth
  • protects your brand
Training results

Difficult Customers & Situations Courses

Dealing with difficult customers training
Dealing with Difficult Customers
Situational Service Recovery
Situational Service Recovery
Handling Customer Escalations
Handling Customer Escalations
Leading a customer service team
Leading a Customer Service Team

On-site, Live-Online and E-learning

Select the Service Recovery courses you want for your team, and let us know if you prefer a trainer coming to you for a live session, or a virtual classroom. See the difference between the options. Contact us to discuss the details.

Included with Every Course:

Training reinforcement
Customized 4-8 week reinforcement
Customized Company Learning Portal
Course Certificates

Learning Model for Service Recovery

Talk Judo is a revolutionary training model that takes five key principles of Judo – Closeness, Balance, Deflection, Redirection and Creativity – and applies them to the way we communicate, with amazing results.

It is the foundation of Belding’s Situational Service Recovery course and the core of the evidence-based skills in all our service recovery programs.

"Incredibly Valuable Training"

“The training for our team were so very specially geared to our daily, real life work that it would be impossible to not take valuable, usable information from it”

– Baldor Electric

Some Insights on Difficult Customers and Situations