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Retail Customer Service Training Is More Important Today Than Ever

There is no industry in which customer service plays a larger role than in retail. Consumers have become more knowledgeable and more demanding. The competitive landscape continues to morph at dizzying speeds. Training for retail employees has a direct and immediate effect on sales, word-of-mouth and customer loyalty. Our clients have reported increases in sales and gross margins of up to 40% due to training and coaching.

Why does customer service training make a difference?

The customers who choose to shop in your stores want in-person experiences – and they want it to be outstanding. They want more than the impersonal, search-and-click experience. 

The  reality, however, is that the customer experience in most retail stores is mediocre at best.  So, when your team delivers consistently awesome experiences, you stand out in people’s minds. People talk about you in a good way. They share their stories about you on social media. They come back.

There's a lot of employee turnover in retail. Is employee development worth the cost?


There is no industry with a more clearly defined cause-and-effect relationship between customer service skills and business performance. We can show you how a program will usually pay for itself within just the first month.

Training, when it is done well and when the proper support structure is in place, doesn’t just improve individual skills. The concepts and expectations become part of your culture. A strong culture is the best defense against high turnover.

To quote the late Zig Ziglar, “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.”

Belding is the global leader

Belding has been a global leader in retail customer service training and sales training programs for over 25 years. We’ve worked with retailers in The United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

The CX Trust Triad for Retail

Customers want employees that:

  • Care about their best interests
  • Are highly competent
  • Take ownership over customers’ success


This is why customer service training for retail organizations is so important