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Member Service Training Programs For The Fitness Industry

Member Service Training Programs That Help Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

Fitness is a highly competitive industry. The ability to engage and retain new members is critical to the ongoing success of a club. Whether it is the sales or front desk team, personal trainers or instructors, you need to be delivering an experience that makes people want to come back – and refer their friends.

The significant increase in competition and changes in business models have created an environment where it is easier than ever for members to change clubs. The most effective way to stimulate loyalty and growth is with a team that has the skill to make each member feel important and at home.

Why does member service training make a difference?

Belding has a tremendous amount of experience in designing and delivering member service training programs for the fitness industry. We understand the business, the challenges and, most importantly, where the opportunities are.

How is it different than traditional customer service training?

The relationship that members have with a club is very different than the one they have with  any other organization. They interact with you frequently. They get to know you. They rely on you as their experts and trust that you have their best interests at heart.
Training needs to be focused on long-term relationship-building skills. Members need to feel that they are at ‘home,’ and surrounded by people who care. You need to ensure they are engaged and interested every time you see them.
These are the only ways a fitness organization can prevent churn and promote positive word-of-mouth.

Belding is the global leader

Belding has worked with some of the largest fitness organizations in the world, and has been a global leader in customer service training programs for over 25 years. We’ve worked in over 20 countries, including The United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

How Great Customer Service Training Programs Are Created
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How One Person Can Create Unshakeable Loyalty

One person makes a difference
Everyone Can Create WOW Customer Experiences
The six pillers of customer service

The Six Pillars of Customer Service are the strategic starting point for the development of our award-winning customer service training programs

outstanding customer service training

Outstanding Customer Service
Workshop Series

Belding’s award-winning Outstanding Customer Service workshops are ideal if you are looking for highly-successful in-house customer service training sessions for your team.

The Outstanding series has three levels and includes a certification option.

Each module is carefully customized for your team and the specific nature of your customer interactions.