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Customer Service Training In Telecommunications Is Critical

Telecommunications is the most competitive sector in the retail industry. The skill of individuals working in your stores and call centers are critical to both customer retention and new customer acquisition.

Wireless customer service training programs that make a difference

Belding’s customer service and sales training programs has helped wireless companies achieve profound results. One of our clients was able to achieve over 40% increases in gross margins after just two months of piloting a program. Within two years, the company’s improvement in customer experience led to it ranking in the top 20 employers in the country.

The  reality, however, is that the customer experience in most wireless stores is mediocre at best.  So, when your team delivers consistently awesome experiences, you stand out in peoples minds. People talk about you in a good way. They share their stories about you on social media. They come back.

The old sales training techniques don't work

Customers are more knowledgeable and engaged in the wireless industry than ever before. Employees need to be skilled, with highly developed communication and customer service skills. They need to be able to connect with customers, develop trust and ensure that the groundwork is set for a long-term, loyal relationship.

Belding is the global leader

Belding has been developing and delivering sales training and customer service training and sales training programs for the telecom industry since 1995. We’ve worked in retail environments and call center environments. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

How Great Customer Service Training Programs Are Created
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How One Person Can Create Unshakeable Loyalty

One person makes a difference
Everyone Can Create WOW Customer Experiences

The Six Pillars of Customer Service are the strategic starting point for the development of our award-winning customer service training programs

Outstanding Customer Service
Workshop Series

Belding’s award-winning Outstanding Customer Service workshops are ideal if you are looking for highly-successful in-house customer service training sessions for your team.

The Outstanding series has three levels and includes a certification option.

Each module is carefully customized for your team and the specific nature of your customer interactions.