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Hideous Customer Service Stories

For the last ten years, we have been keeping our eyes peeled for customer service stories in the media. We collect them to use in our customer service training programs and service recovery training. In 2012, we began sorting and ranking them to create “top 10 best” and “top 10 worst” customer service story lists.

In 2018, we began to notice a disturbing trend. The bad customer service stories were becoming increasingly extreme, to the point that we could no longer include them in our lists. This trend has continued to escalate in 2019, and, quite frankly, has me concerned. Customers and employees alike appear to be rapidly losing any sense of civility, and, when unhappy, are defaulting to abusive and often violent behaviour.

To put this into perspective, for 2019 we have so far collected 25 possible candidates for our “Best” customer service list, and 22 for our “Worst” customer service list. Our list of “Hideous” experiences – both on the part of employees and customers – is already over the 150 mark – and growing rapidly.

Here are 50 of the stories to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. I will continue to add to the list over the rest of they year. If you have any thoughts as to what is going on, please let me know in the comments!

50 Hideous Customer Service Stories

    1. McDonald’s manager hits customer in the face with a blender
    2. McDonalds customer shoots at couple because of an incorrect order
    3. Lowes customer and employee get in a fight over grout
    4. Customer in Jamaican restaurant in New York breaks windows because they ran out of patties
    5. Man threatens to shoot up an H&R Block because of his tax return
    6. UK Bank employee tells customer “all vegans should be punched in the face.”
    7. Customer hits store employee with his vehicle
    8. Angry customer stabs business owner
    9. Angry customer shoots Walgreens employee
    10. Employee threatens customer with pocket knife in.
    11. Customer throws coffee into an McDonald’s employee’s face
    12. Customer gets angry over milk prices and hurls racial slurs
    13. Customer spits on liquor store cashier
    14. Denny’s customer defends an employee – then gets attacked himself
    15. Customer is too slow – clerk pulls BB gun
    16. Gas station worker yells at woman for speaking Spanish
    17. Customer pepper-sprays Wendy’s employee over wrong order
    18. Customer doesn’t want to wait in line – drives car through bank window
    19. Customer threatens Wegmans employee for asking child not to play with coffee machine
    20. Customer shoots phone store employee in the head because bill was too high
    21. McDonald’s employee pours grease on customer
    22. Dog groomer pulls gun on customer for being late
    23. Taco Bell employee punches customer for complaining
    24. Burger king employee shouts at customer
    25. Taco Bell employee goes on Islamophobic rant
    26. Passenger slaps Spirit Airlines employee in the face
    27.  Customer slaps pregnant McDonald’s employee because of wrong order
    28. Who Dat’s employee prints racist message on drive-thru receipt
    29. Customer in wheelchair tries to tase McDonalds employee because of wait
    30. Man throws drink at McDonalds employee because of wait time
    31. Customers assault and shoot other customers because of fried mushrooms
    32. Walmart greeter punched in face
    33. Angry customer trashes convenience store because of change
    34. McDonald’s employee fights with customer over closed restaurant
    35. VivaAir passenger is late, hurls airline computer
    36. Customer has racist rant at Burger King
    37. Customer punches Subway employee for scanning bills
    38. Bagel store customer goes on bizarre tirade
    39. Vodafone employee tells customer to stop speaking a different language
    40. Hungry customer smashes employee on head with teapot
    41. Valvoline employee writes “Pocahontas” on receipt
    42. Gas station attendant hurls racist abuse at customers
    43. Customer threatens to stab UPS employee because of customs delay
    44. Gas station cashier tells customer to “go back to your country.”
    45. McDonalds employees tampering with food
    46. Employee pulls gun on customer returning charcoal
    47. Customer wants free propane – threatens to shoot U-haul employee
    48. Employee goes on rant because customer complains of burnt pizza
    49. Woman pulls gun because of cold fries
    50. McDonalds employee refuses to serve paramedics
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