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Adaptive Resilience Leadership Training

Essential Training on Leading a Workforce through COVID-19

Live, Remote Training on Adaptive Resilience Leadership (ARL)

Your employees are dealing with changes at work and at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the same time they are being bombarded by continual negative stimuli through social media and traditional media.  This triggers emotional exhaustion, and the negative impact on your business is dramatic.  If ignored, the damage can become irreparable.

Traditional leadership skills and change-management practices aren’t good enough. To successfully combat emotional exhaustion, ensure employee success and protect your organization, leaders need to be trained in Adaptive Resilience Leadership (ARL).

Live, Remote Training on Adaptive Resilience Leadership

Belding’s ARL training program is a powerful combination of live, remote workshops and self-paced e-learning modules. The live remote sessions are delivered in interactive, two-hour segments. This minimizes disruption and maximizes retention of critical skills and concepts.

The content equips leaders with the skills, practices and mindset to mitigate emotional exhaustion in the workplace. It provides skills for improving productivity with employees in altered work environments such as working from home, or in adapted offices.  The ongoing support structure provides both live and virtual resources to succeed.

The result is greater confidence, a more positive workplace and forward motion for the organization.

Live virtual leadership training with Zoom

Who This Virtual Resilience Training is For

  • Senior leaders and managers
  • Regional, district managers
  • Department managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders

Participants will learn

  • The causes of emotional exhaustion with employees and its deep, negative impact on organizations
  • The signs of emotional exhaustion in employees
  • Strategies for developing and role-modelling internal resilience
  • How to create an effective Safe Zone that enables greater productivity and creates greater employee loyalty
  • Traditional leadership best practices that are counterproductive during times of sustained stress
  • Techniques for leveraging ongoing stressful situations to create stronger team bonds
  • How to create a ‘Plan B’ response culture
  • How to establish a meaningful transcendent purpose that unifies a team

Remote Resiliency Workshop Details

  • 4, two-hour live, virtual training workshops (Zoom) over 3 weeks
  • 2 insightful self-paced e-learning modules
  • Highly interactive format
  • Up to 12 participants per class
  • Weekly follow-up reinforcement for 8 weeks
  • One-on-one, on-demand support for one month
  • Final course skills retention assessment
  • ARL Certificate from The Belding Group

Contact Belding Training to Learn More

Resilience Training for Leaders is run only by Belding’s most senior consultant/trainers, and is customized to your organization. To learn more, please contact us at or 1-613-836-3559

Belding Training
Certificate Program

Participants who successfully complete complete all modules of Belding Training’s Adaptive Resilience Leadership program, receive ARL Certification from The Belding Group of Companies.

Resilience Training for Employees

Belding has also developed a powerful new live, remote resiliency training program for employees. 

Learn more about it here.