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There is a domino effect to poor service

Service Recovery Skill #3: Get It Done, and Get It Right

This is the third in a 3-part series of service recovery skills. The first two were about setting ourselves up for success and ensuring clear understanding of the issues we need to deal with.  This one – Get it done, and get it right – is the big one.

We've all been there

Here is an experience most of us have had as customers:  You reach out to a company for support.  It could be in person, on the telephone, live chat or email.  It could be technical support or a customer service issue.  One way or another, you are hoping someone will be able to help solve your problem.

The person starts off great, he (she) asks terrific questions and seems to really understand the issue.  You have high hopes until one of two things happen:

a)  Nothing – and you find yourself having to start the whole process again a week later
b)  The wrong solution is applied – and two weeks later you have an even bigger issue

The result is that you get frustrated, perhaps even angry. If you are like the majority of people, there’s a good chance you will consider  switching to another company

Yes, It's a Big Deal

Is it really a big deal?  Yes it is.  One mistake and you’ve swung the pendulum all the way from a potential WOW moment , with customers telling everyone about their great experience, to a horrible one that makes your company look bad and you like an idiot.  Here are four things you have to do to get it done and get it right:

1. Double-check your solution

Just before you hit that Send button, cut-and-paste the solution or set wheels in motion, take a moment to review the issue one more time.  Make sure you are confident this is absolutely the right answer.

2.  Confirm the outcome

One last time, tell the customer the outcome your actions will be achieving, and confirm that this is what they are looking for.

3. Do it Now

As soon as you finish with your customer (or while you are still with them), get things started immediately.  Don’t wait until after your break.  Don’t save it for the next day (or worse, for a coworker).  Get the wheels in motion immediately so that things don’t get forgotten.

4. Follow Up

This is the real big one.  This is what separates the good from the great – and what creates those amazing customer service experiences people will talk about.  All it takes is a brief follow-up call or email (none of these automated follow-ups, I’m talking about you following up) to confirm everything is now okay.  This simple action lets customers know that they are more than just numbers in the system.  It tells them that you care, and shows that you stand out from the rest.

This, of course, may be difficult if you are working in a contact center that doesn’t give you that option. But it it is possible, make the effort. You will truly stand out!

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