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Outstanding Internal Customer Service Training

Internal customer service training

Communication. Collaboration. Culture.

Internal customer service training is an essential component to creating an outstanding workplace culture. It is often neglected, however, and this can cause critical breakdowns in the entire customer experience. Sustainable, high-performing customer-focused cultures can only be achieved when everyone in the organization works together seamlessly –when you have teams of people working independently and interdependently toward a common goal.

Internal customer service training creates a more productive & enjoyable workplace

Belding’s Outstanding Internal Customer Service training workshops get all of your people on the same page and working together more positively and more effectively.  Part teambuilding, part customer service, part collaboration and communication skills, this training sets the stage for a more productive and enjoyable workplace.

Foundational Level Training for Internal Customer Service

Our Outstanding Internal Customer Service program shows your team the importance of independent thought, and taking ownership over situations, while at the same time ensuring that they are being respectful and supportive of their coworkers.  It gives them the skills to help them play their part in a positive, productive, forward-moving environment. The outcomes of the training are:

  • A more enjoyable and respectful work environment
  • Better external customer service at all touchpoints
  • Increased internal and external communications
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
Your teams will learn:
  1. language skills that improve collaboration and internal relationships
  2. How to communicate information and concepts with greater clarity, completeness and effectiveness
  3. How to interact with greater empathy and patience
  4. How to focus on the success of colleagues and the organization
  5. Skills that more effectively prevent and resolve internal conflict
  6. How to proactively contribute to a positive workplace environment

Internal Customer Service - Level 2

Even high-functioning workplaces have opportunities to enhance and strengthen internal interactions. Belding Training’s Internal Customer Service – Level 2 workshop Workshop helps:

  • Eliminate departmental and workflow silos
  • Develop closer alignment to overall company objectives
  • Enhance operational effectiveness across departments
Your teams will learn:
  1. Enhanced communication skills that reduce internal friction
  2. Collaboration strategies to stimulate efficiency and innovation
  3. How to champion the company with external customers
  4. How to simultaneously build ongoing team and personal success 

Training Customized To Your Organization

As with all of our training, the Outstanding Internal Customer Service workshops are customized specifically to your team, your environment, and the specific challenges they face. We can create your program in either a one-day or two-day format.

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