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6 Pillars of Customer ServiceCustomer service training is only part of the equation to creating a robust, customer-focused culture.  The research tells us that your teams also need core skills for how to handle difficult customers and situations.  They need the confidence and skills to turn negative situations into positive outcomes. 

Talk Judo is a revolutionary training program that takes four key principles of Judo – Closeness, Balance, Deflection and Redirection – and applies them to the way we communicate, with amazing results. It identifies common situations that occur in business, and specific effective techniques for managing them.  These are must-have skills for dealing with difficult people and situations that everyone should have in their toolkit.

Three Levels of Talk Judo Training

There are three progressive levels fo Talk Judo.  Each module is a full-day. (although modules can be expanded to two days to allow for greater practice and mastery of the concepts).   Your team will begin by learning critical skills for dealing with difficult people and situations, then progress to the art of persuasion, then to the skills for negotiating and motivating.

Who Talk Judo is for

The skills of Talk Judo are highly effective for people in a broad range of roles:  Your leaders who are charged with managing and motivating their teams, Salespeople building stronger relationships, or front-line employees who need the skills to deal with the challenging situations and people they face.  They will all benefit from the principles and skills in Talk Judo.

Your Talk Judo program will be customized specifically to your team and your organization, and we will ensure that the specific skills introduced achieve the goals you are looking for.

Level 1: Dealing With Challenging People And Difficult Situations

- For everyone who works with people

Level 2: The Art Of Perusasion

- For all managers/ leaders, customer service, sales, human resources

Level 3: Motivation And Negotiation

- For managers/ leaders at all levels


“The Talk Judo training for dealing with difficult customers has really helped me in my job."
Telikom Papua New Guinea

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