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The Strategic Leadership Experience

A Game-Changing Learning Experience for Senior Managers and Leaders

The role of a leader is, at its core, to get things done. At a senior level, this means being able to quickly and accurately identify opportunities and potential challenges. It means knowing how to leverage resources. It means being able to break through organizational silos, and facilitate internal and external collaboration.

Setting leaders up for success

The Strategic Leadership Experience is a unique leadership development opportunity that immerses participants in key principles and practices for leadership at a senior level.

It’s not just about theory. It is a year-long experience that ensures leaders can new practices and concepts directly and seamlessly into their live environment each and every day. They will see immediate impact of their new insights in the workplace.

Who The Experience is for

  • Executive leaders
  • Senior managers
  • Directors
  • Leaders responsible for planning and organizational success, achieving business targets and for directing teams and resources.

What the outcomes are

  • Greater resilience and agility
  • More effective communications
  • Challenges resolved faster and easier
  • Greater alignment across business units
  • More inspired, engaged teams
  • More robust networks

Book Now For 2021-2022

Because The Strategic Leadership Experience is run only by Belding’s most senior consultant/trainers, there will be a limit on the number of sessions we can accommodate. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

5 Levels of Leadership Training

Foundational leadership training
Foundational Leadership
Performance Leadership Training
Performance Leadership
Tactical Leadership
strategic leadership training programs
Strategic Leadership
Executive leadership training
Executive Leadership

The Seven Pillars of Leadership

7 Pillars of Leadership

The Seven Pillars of Leadership are the primary-level qualities of strategic leaders.  These are the foundation for developing Belding’s leadership development programs.

training in different industries

Industries We Work With

Belding has worked internationally with a broad spectrum of clients in virtually every industry: corporate, retail, service, call center and public sector organizations. 

Some of our deepest leadership training expertise is in:

  • Telecom & Wireless
  • Banking and Financial
  • Fitness and Health
  • Retail
  • Education