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Belding designs and delivers customized customer service training solutions for companies around the world.
If you are looking for a fully tailored programs aligned with the specific needs of your workplace, or just a powerful customer service course or e-learning for your team, contact us today.

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Better Training. Better Customer Experiences

You want to enhance your service levels. To do this, your training needs to completely align with your company and resonate with your team. It needs to inspire your people to adopt new skills and mindsets for creating outstanding experiences. It needs to genuinely help your employees and company stand out.

That’s what we do.

"It was the best training we've ever had"

That is what people around the world consistently say about Belding’s programs. Our global reputation didn’t happen by accident. We work very hard to ensure that every aspect of your learning initiative is focused on a successful outcome – with powerful content, innovative design and masterful delivery.  It’s the reason our clients invite us back.

Your Service Levels Will Improve. Here's Why

Okay, you’re probably thinking: “Of course you’re going to say your training is better.”  Fair enough.  But our clients say it too, and here’s why:

We Deliver Results

Training that improves customer serviceYou may not have worked with us before. You may even not have heard of us before. You may be a little unsure. We get that.

The best assurance we can give you is with an opportunity to talk with our existing clients. There’s a reason that our business relationships last for a very long time. We are absolutely committed to your success. We create training your team will remember, and will make a difference your customers will notice.

We Help You Build a Customer-Focused Culture

We’ve all seen (and most of us have been through) workshops and programs that, while good, really didn’t create much change. That’s not what we want, and it is probably not what you want.

The reasons for the lack of stickiness in learning is well documented. (See our research). Not only are there very specific training methodologies that need to be followed when it comes to customer service, but it is critical that your program is supported and reinforced so that people have the opportunity to master the skills. We help with all of that.

We’re Customer Experience Experts

Shaun Belding - customer service expertWe have an impeccable 25-year track-record of helping companies enhance their customer service.

But we’re not just customer service trainers. We are global thought leaders who research it and write about it.  We stimulate discussion among over 100,000 customer service professionals in our LinkedIn customer service group. Our training programs have won national and international awards. Our CEO, Shaun Belding, is the author of six books, including the bestselling The Journey to WOW.

We Make Learning Enjoyable

engaging, memorable trainingWe’ve all sat through boring, tedious classes where we didn’t learn anything.

Yeah – we don’t do that. . .

People learn better in workshops when they are enjoying themselves, engaged and doing stuff. Skills and concepts are more memorable when we discover them in ‘aha’ moments.

We Motivate Your Team

Belding Training motivates your teamCustomer service is, ultimately, about people. The skills are portable and apply to every aspect of our lives.  But skills and knowledge alone are meaningless without the right attitude and a true passion for excellence.

We make sure that everyone walks away from our sessions understanding the profound difference they make to the people around them – and to themselves.

We Understand Customers in Different Cultures

Training across culturesWe are a Canada-based training company that has extensive experience working with a broad cross-section of industries.  Our clients span over 25 countries including the United States, England, Bahamas, China, Japan, South Africa and Malaysia.  We take great care to understand each unique culture and industry. We know the importance of building unshakeable loyalty, and  the skills people need to achieve this loyalty.

Some of our
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  • Foundational Level
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Managing Escalations

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