The Best Customer Service Training Programs - with Results That Stick

"This is the best training we have ever had." This is the consistent feedback we get from our clients about our customer service workshops, seminars, webinars and blended learning programs.  This doesn't happen by accident. 

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Customer Service Training Programs Need To Make A Difference

You need a training program on customer service that resonates with your company and your team.  You need it to inspire your team to consistently create WOW customer experiences.  It needs to introduce customer service skills that will genuinely help your employees and company stand out.

That's where Belding comes in.  For over 25 years, Belding has delivered the customer service training companies rely on to give them an edge.  We help your teams create those Wow experiences that keep customers coming back.

Customer Service Training Companies Rely On

"Of course you're going to say your training is better," you might think.  Fair enough.  That's what any customer service training company might say.  But our customers say it too.  Here's why:

We're Customer Service Experts

Helping companies stand out in customer experience isn't just part of what we do. It IS what we do, and we've been leading the way for over 25 years. We blog about customer service, tweet about it, conduct research on it, and write books about it.   Our training has won national and international awards, and we operate the second largest Customer Service LinkedIn Group in the world.   Our CEO, Shaun Belding is a global customer service expert is ranked as a top Global Guru in Customer Service.

We Make It Funcustomer service training program in Canada

We've all sat through boring, tedious training programs.  Yeah - we don't do that.

We believe that people learn better in workshops when they are enjoying themselves, engaged and doing stuff.   And we don't just give people customer service skills, we make sure they understand why the skills are important and are confident using them.  They get to see how improved service performance will impact customers, the organization and themselves.

We Understand Customers in Different Cultures

We are a Canadian customer service training company, but we work globally, with clients in over 20 countries, including U.S., The Caribbean, Europe, Malaysia, South Pacific and Africa.  We understand the level of customer service companies need to achieve to stand out.  We respect what customers in different cultures expect. We know the importance of building unshakeable loyalty , and we know how to create outstanding training programs that help achieve this loyalty.

Customer Service Training Workshop in USAWe Motivate Your Team

Customer service, of course, is about people.   And all the skills in the world are meaningless unless the individuals in your teams have the right attitude and the passion.   Our training programs are designed to stimulate these things.

We Work Collaboratively With Our Clients

No two workplaces are the same.  And there is no single "right" training solution.  We will work closely with you to make sure the customer service skills in your training program is perfect for you and your company.

We Deliver Results

You may not have worked with us before.   You may even not have heard of us before.   You may be a little unsure.   We get that. 

The best assurance we can give you will come when you have an opportunity to talk with our existing clients.  There is a reason that we are one of the top customer service training companies in the world, and a reason that our relationships with our clients last for a very long time.  We create customer service training programs that work, and that make a difference everyone can see.

We Make Sure Your Training Sticks

We've all seen (and most of us have been through) workshops and programs that, while good, really didn't create much change.  That's not what we want, and it is certainly not what our clients want.

The reasons for the lack of stickiness in training is well documented.   (See our research).  Not only are there very specific training methodologies that need to be followed when it comes to customer service, but it is critical that your program is supported and reinforced so that people have the opportunity to master the skills. 

What Makes An Effective Customer Service Training Program?

It's more than just a smile, and it's more than just sharing well-worn platitiudes.  To be effective, it has to:

  • have strategic outcomes that align with the company's customer experience goals

  • use customer service examples that your employees can instantly relate to

  • be delivered in a memorable, highly interactive format

  • be reinforced with an integrated blended-learning approach, including live training, e-learning, webinars, customer service toolkits, and ongoing coaching.

(For More, see the 11 Rules for an Outstanding Customer Service Training Program, and the 8 Must-Haves for Customer Service Training)


customer service certification

Customer Service Certification

Are you looking to recognize employees for their knowledge and competence in customer service?  Belding will created a certification program around your training program, including verification and competency testing.  Find out more.

Customer Service Workshop Outlines

Here are sample outlines of our Outstanding program series.  These full-day, in-person workshops progresses through three levels:

Each module is carefully customized for your team and the specific nature of your customer interactions.

Learn more here


Customer service training in Canada, U.S.A., Caribbean and Europe

Belding is always running customized, in-house customer service training programs for companies in Canada, U.S.A., and other countries globally.  To learn more about bringing Belding's award-winning training to your company, contact us at 1-613-836-3559, or at


Industries We Work With

Belding Training has designed and delivered training in customer service for over 24 years.  We have worked internationally with a broad spectrum of clients in corporate, retail, service, call center and public sector organizations.    There is a good chance we have even worked in your industry.

We have extensive customer service training expertise with clients in:

Customer Service Video

Customer Service keynote video

Despite how it appears, service has improved dramatically over the last decade.  So why do mot people feel it's gotten worse?  In this newly released customer service keynote video, Shaun Belding shows us why being good simply isn't good enough any more.

Reseach & White Papers

All of our training is research-based.  We don't teach your team anything that isn't supported by facts and proven customer service best practices. 

Here is some of the research that has been conducted by our parent company, The Belding Group


Belding Training is a division of The Belding Group of Companies Inc.

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